Who Are We?

We created this company because we want to contribute to our generation, and to those coming after us. We wanted to build something of our own, to physically construct our once intangible dreams.

In order to embark on this journey, we have recognized the need to isolate our individual skills and apply them interdependently. We take what we know, learn from each other, and from our own mistakes. We keep pushing forward, and will continue to create, for you, the ones inspiring progress.

We’ve chosen to express ourselves and our ideas through the creation of Suri Threads and the launch of the unisex Independent collection.

Cofounders Andreas and Cazmon Suri led the creation of Suri Threads and custom products with their talent in design and fashion trend recognition. Adrian Thompson, cofounder, heads up the marketing and brand development as a creative and ambitious individual, more than capable of building the brand identity, driving sales, and identifying ambassadors. Richard Harrison, cofounder and financial manager of Suri Threads, leads this division with full capability and qualification, ensuring growth and progress for time to come.

We want to provide you high-quality apparel to inspire your creation. We’re for the self-makers, YouTubers, models, entrepreneurs, bloggers, photographers, podcasters, and to all those whose contribution it is to improve upon and inspire the world around us. And we are offering the means to do so.

We are currently unrolling the Suri Threads ambassador program. Through this, those of you who want to take part in this journey of molding yourself, can partner with us. After a qualification process, you will receive product and the ability to generate income for yourselves, at no cost to you. We want to progress, and through this program you can progress as well.

Please be sure to share our company, with friends and family, and most importantly to create your own path to contribution.


The Suri Threads Team